6 Best Shocks for F150 2WD

Ford F150! What an absolute beast!

On such a Ford F150 2WD, standard shocks should last for a long period. They may last longer if you are a light, everyday driver on smooth roads.

They do, unfortunately, wear out with time and must be changed, like any other.

A journey in a Ford F150 with damaged shocks may be excruciating. It’s because suspension systems are crucial to the truck’s stability and suspension. This will allow you to enjoy a smooth ride with adequate bump absorption.

Best Shocks for F150 2WD

If the ride is almost unbearable or you simply want a new look, this article outlines a few of the good shock replacement options that are available for the Ford F150. So, let’s start with the Best Shocks for F150 2WD.

We’ve prepared different sections in this article. So, why not give everything a good look? Let’s go-

Detroit Axle – 2WD Front Struts Rear Shocks Replacement for 2009-2013 Ford F-150

Well, whether you are searching for a new pair of shock absorbers that do not come with such a lift kit, then keep a lookout for the “Detroit Axle Shock Absorbers”. Detroit Axle - 2WD Front Struts Rear Shocks Replacement for 2009-2013 Ford F-150

These are also made for Ford F150 vehicles from 2004 to 2008, and they have over 120 favorable ratings, so they are on top of the list.

This pair of two shocks come with a lot of cool features. When it comes to durability and dependability, the company has put them through rigorous testing to guarantee that they can withstand a variety of conditions.

They’ve also been put through impact and wear tests by being used for lengthy periods of time. They acquitted themselves well in all of the examinations.

If you opt to put them on your car, you will feel and enjoy improved control, driving, and overall stability.

Your driving experience would be nicer than when the vehicle is brand new, so it will be not only new and exciting. But it will also be a game-changer for you.

Now, let’s see how you can install this bad boy! The installation of the Detroit Axle Shocks is simple. They may be set up in as little as a few hours.

Highlighted Features

  • It has wider compatibility options.
  • Has a great built quality.
  • Ensures a comfortable journey.
  • To verify quality and durability, it has been put through impact, abrasion, and fatigue testing.

Bottom Line

Well, you’ll know, by now, that it is a superior shock. Here, the shock absorption ensures that you can easily rely on it all the time, besides, it is easy to install. Alongside that, it has improved controlling and handling.


Gabriel 34057 Front Load Carrier

The “G64079 Ultra-Premium Shock Absorber” is a dual tube shock absorber that is designed to react quickly to changing road conditions. It responds both on and off the road thanks to the proprietary G-Force technology. Gabriel 34057 Front Load Carrier

Other significant characteristics are the OE-style single-lip oil seal as well as the orifice control disc with changeable nine-level valving. Its nine-stage adjustable damping system in particular works wonders by altering dampening based on driving conditions.

This is also a long-lasting product. A bonded iron piston, a leak-proof piston seal, and a nicely polished chromed piston rod are all included. All of this means that such shocks will work well with your Ford F150 regardless of the terrain.

In Gabriel’s technology, it’s the shock of the front spring with a correct ride height mechanism in any sort of tough situation. You may increase your stability by using the front spring assist.

Furthermore, keeping a steady riding height provides for the fastest possible speed.

Here, the shocks have a seal lubrication system and a clean chrome finish. Other than that, the overall load-bearing capacity of a car is determined by rear springs, which provide around 500 lbs per pair. So, it’s the one for you, we believe!

Highlighted Features

  • The durability of a super-finished chrome piston rod joined with iron is increased.
  • G-Force technology uses high-pressure nitrogen gas to give exceptionally quick reactions, depending on the driving conditions.
  • Oil bypass is minimized thanks to a piston seal and a leak-proof rod guide.

Bottom Line

Shock & spring technology of the highest quality. Plus, the product even has a longer life expectancy. Added to that, it even maintains a comfortable riding height. All of this combined to provide the best experience while riding cars through hilly terrains.


Detroit Axle – 2WD Front Shock Absorbers Replacement for Ford Expedition F-150

Another product from Detroit Axel! This product is for individuals who are seeking the optimal fit. Here, the other benefit of these shock absorbers is that it comes at a lower cost. Detroit Axle - 2WD Front Shock Absorbers Replacement for Ford Expedition F-150

In general, this “Detroit Axel 10398-4A” was created with worldwide standards in mind. As a result, regardless of the terrain, you will have a smooth ride.

The shock absorber also has been put through rigorous testing. Users will no longer have to be concerned about bumpy journeys.

Besides, the “Detroit Axel 10398-4A” fits 2-wheel drive Ford F-150 trucks from 2009 to 2013. Still, check the compatibility before fitting this in your car. For the F150, it’ll fit nicely.

On the other hand, the quality of these impact & wear-resistant shocks is superb, and they will last longer.

In fact, every Detroit Axle struts have been built to surpass OE specifications in terms of strength. Additionally, they will easily enhance the ride and provide you with good value for your money.

Highlighted Features

  • Best for Ford F150 vehicles from 2009 to 2013.
  • The fit is perfect.
  • Exceptional product.
  • Made of durable material that has been duly coated.

Bottom Line

A difficult performance. It’s easy to set up. Overall performance is improved. It even costs lower and so has a better price-quality ratio. But, this product is a bit large.


Bilstein 5100 Series 15-16 Ford F-150 Rear 46mm Monotube Shock Absorber (33-253237)

Bilstein is recognized for its high-quality products, as well as its suspension systems provide exceptional performance owing to the proper fit solution. These “Bilstein 5100 Shock Absorbers” are direct fit compatible, which means they can be installed quickly. The body of these shocks is zinc-plated for improved corrosion protection. Bilstein 5100 Series 15-16 Ford F-150 Rear 46mm Monotube Shock Absorber (33-253237)

Here, the digressive piston design is a velocity-sensitive technology that reacts instantaneously to any road condition. This provides it with a smoother, more sensitive, and controlled ride.

The monotube design assures fade-free, consistent performance. This Bilstein 5100 shock is for an overall smooth-riding in any terrain possible!

When it comes to fitting and compatibility, this shock is appropriate for lifted cars and SUVs. So, it’s a worthy option for you if you’re thinking of getting one for your F150.

Highlighted Features

  • In all situations, the 46mm monotube construction offers constant, fade-free performance.
  • Digressive valving with a patented design adapts rapidly to changing surface conditions.
  • Easy installation is made possible by OEM-certified mounting hardware.
  • Zinc plating provides resistance to the elements.
  • Bushings made of vulcanized neoprene rubber; For a variety of purposes, several lift heights are available.

Bottom Line

To summarize, the longevity and durability of this product are excellent. Moreover, the product has an excellent balance and control.


Detroit Axle Both (2) Rear Driver & Passenger Side 2WD Shock Absorber Set – 1997-2004 Ford F-150 2W

If you’re worried about proper wheel alignment, choose this shock from Detroit Axle. This shock absorber’s entire weight is 24 pounds, enabling you to easily manage huge loads. Detroit Axle Both (2) Rear Driver & Passenger Side 2WD Shock Absorber Set - 1997-2004 Ford F-150 2W

For further protection, the Detroit Axle features an additional covering. As a consequence, you may drive the automobile aggressively without concern of rust.

Furthermore, this same Detroit Axle can balance your vehicle according to your preferences. Apart from this, there are additional benefits to riding on tough terrain.

This product is also available for any Ford F-150 model from 1997 to 2008, even though it is only suitable with two-wheel-drive models. This Detroit Axle 4911262 is, above all, a Detroit Axle product.

What do you mean by that? Well, it is a world-class global supplier and distributor of high-quality remanufactured & new aftermarket auto components.

So, we’re not bluffing when we say that this one is worth it!

Highlighted Features

  • Works the best in your F150.
  • Compatible with the other models of Ford.
  • To ensure a hermetic seal between both the piston and the pressure tube, the piston sealing adjusts as it wears.
  • Reduces leak.
  • Lasts for a while.

Bottom Line

Shock absorbers from Detroit Axle are of the finest quality and provide excellent performance. The O-ring applies pressure towards the inner pipe and forms a tighter seal. This protects the valve from filth, wear, and fatigue.


Bilstein 24-013284 Front Shock for Ford F150 2WD

Unlike other shockers, the “Bilstein 24-013284” is simple to install on a Ford vehicle. It is possible to put this Bilstein shock absorber in the truck’s front only. So, you get your options correct! Bilstein 24-013284 Front Shock for Ford F150 2WD

The original components are still being manufactured for this device, which has been available since 2011. As a result, even when repairing minor parts, you won’t be worried about anything. The “Bilstein 24-013284” features a modern design.

So, if you’re looking at both rear and the front suspension systems, you’ll have to go elsewhere. This is only a front shock absorber; if you need rear shock absorbers, they will differ slightly.

More specifically, you must buy the two rear ones and the two front ones separately. Even if your vehicle needs to haul a trailer every day, this shock will perform flawlessly. It is compatible with a variety of Ford F-150 models.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a stylish finish.
  • Install a regressive piston.
  • It’s possible to put it on the side of the front.
  • The outside has been properly painted.
  • Design with a single tube.

Bottom Line

It’s ideal for all-terrain use. Plus, it doesn’t cost that much. Also, the weight is lighter so it’ll contribute to better fuel economy. Besides, it has a unique design and requires some effort to install. It’s doesn’t come as a pair.


How to Choose The Best Shocks for F150 2WD

It is crucial to check a purchasing guide before making your first shock absorber purchase.

Several criteria, in general, differentiate the best shocks for F150 2WD from imitations. Wheel alignment & vehicle performance will be affected if you choose low-quality shock absorbers.

Similarly, it’s possible that you’ll get to spend a lot of money on repairs. There are a few things you can’t afford to neglect when buying shocks, which are outlined below-

Shock Absorber Types

To begin, shocks are classified either as monotube or sometimes twin tubes. Any shock cylinder full of fluid and including a piston is referred to as a twin-tube. It’s a go-to for everyday usage and a smooth ride.

A monotube, on the other hand, is a one-valve system, which means that almost all of the shock parts are contained inside the same shell.

It features a superior cooling system and is capable of running off-road. The brands featured below offer a variety of features to meet the demands of Ford F150 users.

Starting off must pick the sort of shock absorber that you would like to purchase for your F150. Most essential, you must concentrate on the truck’s whole weight before picking it up. Similarly, examine the terrain on that you will run the vehicle when selecting a shock absorber.

Overload Shocks

These shock absorbers are ideally suited to a heavy-duty pickup truck, as the name implies. They may also be used to drive in off-road terrain. Overload shocks are typically heavy, as well as the springs are coiled here on the cylinder.

Gas Shocks

These shockers are made of liquefied nitrogen, which makes them strong and long-lasting.

Here, the shock absorbers may be used on any terrain. According to reports, gas shockers have mostly been employed in passenger F150 pickups. These shock absorbers have a 50,000-mile lifespan. As a result, they are seen as cost-effective.

Air Shocks

When the weight in the vehicle is equally distributed, these shockers work optimally. Air shockers must be manually repaired. And these shocks are said to be appropriate for daily use.

Installation is Simple Or Not?

Who wants to pay more money to have shockers installed by a third party? As a result, you must get a shock absorber that is simple to install. Always purchase a shock absorber that comes with installed equipment.

You will no longer be required to invest additional funds in the buying of complicated equipment once you get this right.

Smooth Operation

Nobody likes to ride inside a car that makes noise. In such a case, choose the finest shock for F150 2WD which was well tested. It’s also a good idea to look for ISO certificates.

In the majority of situations, corporations have begun to build shock absorbers while taking international requirements into account.


You must, in fact, get a shock absorber constructed of durable materials. Second, double-check that your product is properly powder-coated. As a result, you won’t have to think about rust or the goods wearing out quickly.


Another element to consider before purchasing the finest shock for F150 2WD is the price. Before you start, think about your whole budget.

Make sure to get shock absorbers that are appropriate for the pickup truck’s entire weight. If you ever need to transport a hefty weight, for example, get Gas and otherwise overload shocks.

If a truck will be utilized as a passenger automobile, though, you may opt for air shockers. Heavy and Overload shocks have a greater overall cost than Air shockers.

Does it Come in Pairs or Not?

Always purchase shock absorbers that come in pairs. As a result, there is no need to invest extra money to put them at the back and front.

Availability Issue

It’s a good idea to get shock absorbers that haven’t been withdrawn by the manufacturer. Original shock components may now be used throughout the replacement process.

How to Install/Replace Ford F150 2WD Shocks

You need to know the entire installation and replacement process of these F150 shocks. Let’s go on with it-

Step 1: Remove the Wheel from the Suspension

With such a flathead screwdriver, pull off the cover in the middle of the rim. A little notch on the wheel is dedicated to this purpose. You can use the tire iron to loosen the lug nuts slightly without totally removing them.

Step 2: Raise the Vehicle and Remove the Wheel

Lift the vehicle by front suspension cross member using the floor jack. Then, lower a jack under this section until the weight is evenly distributed.

Next, put the jack in the same spot to ensure safety. Only now, replace the lug nuts & wheels.

Step 3: Unbolt the Sway Bar End Link’s Bottom Bolt.

Unbolt the sway bar end link from the lower control arm using an 18mm socket. When removing the sway bar, this will enable the control arm to go lower.

Step 4: Remove the Strut

Allow a second person to assist you in removing the lower strut bolt with a 30mm socket & 1-1/26 wrench. Using a 15mm socket, remove the three top strut bolts.

Step 5: Remove the Wheel Spindle from the Ball joint.

To release the ball joints bolt nut, have used a 21mm deep socket. With just a pitman arm puller, remove the ball joint from the spindle and the ground jack from beneath the control arm.

The control arm pulls downward without a jack to support it. You’ll be able to detach its wheel spindle from the upper ball joint with more flexibility and leverage this way. Remove the strut once the ball joints, as well as all bolts, are loose.

Step 6: Replace the Old Strut with a New One

Replace the old strut with the new one. Use 17mm nuts to secure the strut in place. The bottom strut bolt & nut should be tightened.

Step 7: Reinstall the Suspension

Allow a second person to assist you in attaching both balls joint with the upper control arm to the spindle, and have a 21mm nut on hand to replace the ball joint screw & tighten a 21mm ball joint bolt.

Ensure to tighten your 18 mm sway bar bolt and install it.

Step 8: Replace the Wheel

Install the lug nuts and tire. Ensure that the lug nuts are securely fastened.


Question: Should I replace shocks by myself or hire a mechanic to do it?

Answer: You may be thinking about whether it’s worth it to install shocks yourself if you’ve never done it before. It varies — learning a new talent is always exciting, but it may take a while. Because it’s a 2-hour task on average, you should expect to spend anywhere from $150 to $300 for a technician to do this for you. Some shocks arrive pre-assembled, removing some of the headaches from the process. It’s a great idea to view a few internet video lessons to get a sense of how it works.

Question: What Is the Life Expectancy of F150 Shocks?

Answer: The sort of shock you have put will determine this. You should anticipate your shock to last a few years, but if you live in a location with a lot of potholes, they may wear out a bit faster.

Question: Is it important to update all 4 shocks at the same time?

Answer: No, but it would be an excellent idea. If you do have 4 new shocks instead of one new shock and four old ones, you’ll notice the difference considerably more. Furthermore, if you replace them all at once, you’ll be more likely to recognize when you will need to check or replace them next.

Final Words

To summarize, it is important to install a long-lasting shock absorber in Ford pickup vehicles. As a result, you will achieve optimum height elevation & wheel alignment.

The Best Shocks for F150 2WD are simply available on the market. However, there are several characteristics that separate a good shocker from the others.

For example, you should pay closer attention to the overall quality of the built-ins and the materials utilized. The quality of a low-quality product declines fast.

As a result, you’ll have to spend a lot of money on repairs. You should also address any doubts you have about the various kinds of shock absorbers. It’s also a good idea to look through the queries that have been raised about shock absorbers.

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