5 Best Shocks for F350 Super Duty Diesel 4×4

The F-350 super duty 4WD is an amazing ride. Who doesn’t want this beast in his/her garage? For a professional reason or maybe for personal reasons we want this truck in our garage.

Moreover, this vehicle has an extraordinary suspension. And these suspensions need top-notch shocks for extreme performance in all terrains.

So we brought you Best Shocks for F350 Super Duty Diesel 4×4.

Best Shocks for F350 Super Duty Diesel 4x4

All of the shocks below are for the F-350. Each of the shocks are well built and sturdy. And, these are highly recommended by us.

None of the shocks is less than one another. But don’t worry to help you with your final decision. We also have a buying guide.

Let’s move on to the article-

Reviews of Best F350 Super Duty Diesel 4×4 Shocks

Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Set Compatible with 2005-2016 Ford F250 / F350 4WD Pickups

Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Set Compatible with 2005-2016 Ford F250 / F350 4WD The first shock is Bilstein 5100 monotube gas shock. This one is number one on the list because of some extraordinary features. These are the best shocks for Ford F350.

We already know a shock works as a cushion between the body and the axles of the car. So a good quality Shock absorber is extremely important for a car.

The Bilstein 5100 is a monotube gas shock. When it comes to reliability and performance the monotube is the best option. It will give you a custom feel. The monotube shocks are superior to any other type of shock.

Moreover, the monotube gas shocks have increased the durability, longevity, and performance of the shocks.

Here, the monotube shocks will give you a better damping force. Car damping force is an effective way of decreasing noise inside the car. Therefore it will produce less noise while you drive.

This is not it, the monotube shocks will also dissipate heat better. Most importantly monotube shocks have a free-floating piston that will stop oil and gas from mixing.

The set is a pack of four items. The shocks are compatible with Ford F250 and four-wheel drive or F350 Super Duty Diesel 4×4. It has a w/2″ Front Lift and 0-1″ rear lift

Not only this, all the shocks have shock boots unless in case of special fitment. This shock boot will enhance the life expectancy of the shocks. It will do that by protecting the shocks from mud, dirt, or any other contaminants.

Furthermore, all required items like bushing, washers, and nuts are included in the set. You can also reuse the factory shock mounting bolts for installation.

The above features have made the Bilstein shocks for F350 our best-recommended product.


  • It’s a monotube shock set
  • It is very compatible with 4WD
  • It’s extremely reliable and easy to install


  • A bit heavy


Skyjacker H7091 H7060 Pairs of Hydro Shock Absorbers for Ford F-250 F-350 Super Duty

Skyjacker H7091 H7060 Pairs of Hydro Shock Absorbers for Ford F-250 F-350 Super Duty The second one on the list is from skyjacker. It’s the “Skyjacker H7091 H7060 Pairs of Hydro Shocks”. Just like the previous shocks it also has many solid features that are perfect for your F350.

As we can see it’s a hydro shock absorber so it has its own benefits. The main advantage that you are going to get is that the shocks will give you a better driving experience.

Here, the reaction time of the hydro shocks is much quicker than any standard spring shock.

Skyjacker suspension is a high-quality suspension with velocity-sensitive valving. Therefore, you will get solid performance off-road or on-road.

Now, you can be driving on smooth or rough terrains at fast or slow speed. The velocity-sensitive valve will be stable and give you an amazing experience. Not only this you will definitely get better handling.

The skyjacker hydro shocks are highly compatible with your F-250 and the best shocks for 2015 F350. The Front w/ 0″-3″ Lift and the Rear w/ 0″-4″ Lift. So, they will fit perfectly on the F-350 without any hassle.

Moreover, with improved stability, it will also give you maximum comfort inside your F350. It is designed to give you the utmost comfort in all terrains. So, you don’t have to be bothered about the comforts while driving.

Here, the technological innovation of these long-lasting and durable shocks will give you the experience you never had before. If you replace your old shocks with these then we ensure you won’t regret it.

The purpose of these shocks is to deliver you a smooth and safe ride with improved stability and handling.


  • This will make your F-350 smooth and give you an amazing ride
  • It’s worth the price
  • These shocks are easy to install
  • It’s a perfect fit for F-350


  • The packaging is not that good


Rancho RS5000 Shocks 05-14 For Ford F-250 F-350 Super Duty 4WD

Rancho RS5000 Shocks 05-14 For Ford F-250 F-350 Super Duty 4WD Now comes our third shock set, the “Rancho RS5000 Shocks Set”. This one is as perfect as the previous ones. This will perfectly fit your F-350 Super Duty 4WD.

It has some great features that have made it third on our list and the best shocks for towing f350.

The rancho RS5000 is super compatible with F-350 Super Duty 4WD. Compatibility can be a huge problem but with this shock set, you don’t have to worry about it.

Just like its predecessors it’s very compatible and will provide you with a smooth ride.

The rancho RS5000 Ten Stage Velocity Sensitive Valving. That means the shocks will provide more resistance when the suspension is moving faster.

Next is the design. The rancho RS5000 is designed for trucks like F-350 and also for utility vehicles. So by this, you can understand how durable the shock is.

Here, the shocks that are designed for trucks are normally very well built and reliable. Because the shocks have to take a lot of loads on a daily basis.

Moreover, the shocks have a protective boot around them. The primary duty of the protective boot is to protect the shocks from muds, dirt, or any type of components that cause harm or damage to the shocks.

This will enhance the off-road capability of your F-350.

Now comes the off-road usage. Every truck at least once in a life has to go off-road. The trucks are built to carry extra load and heavy pressure. And these shocks support any type of off-road activity.

Lastly, if you are thinking the Rancho RS5000 is only focused on durability then you have been mistaken. Because it also focuses on the comfort of the passengers inside the F-350.


  • Affordable
  • It has a Protective Boot
  • High quality built


  • Might get rust after heavy use


Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorbers For Ford F250 & F350 Super Duty 4WD 2005 -14

Bilstein 4600 Series Shock Absorbers For Ford F250 and F350 Super Duty 4WD 2005 -14 The fourth one on our list is also from Bilstein. Just like our first product from Bilstein this one also has amazing features that will enhance your F-350 capabilities. All of our recommended products are the best in today’s market.

The specialty of Bilstein 4600 shocks is designed for stock height trucks, SUVs, or vans. The Bilstein 4600 will make the handling better and provide great comfort while driving.

Hence, there is no doubt that the performance will be great after installing Bilstein 4600.

The set comes with a front and rear Bilstein shock absorber. The best shocks for 2008 F350 super duty that will fit perfectly and work efficiently.

This one is also a monotube gas shock just like our first product. The monotube has many great features. From comfort to noise cancellation, monotube gas shocks do a great job.

Here, the monotube gas pressure technology provides stability and improved control, ultimate performance, precise handling, and incredible comfort.

Next to the performance, the performance of the shocks will be incredible because of its monotube gas structure. Moreover, it is very easy to install, and no modification is required.


  • No modification is required while installing
  • It is a monotube gas shock absorber
  • Perfectly fit F-350


  • Installation takes some time


Detroit Axle – SRW 4WD Front & Rear Shock Absorbers Replacement for 1999-2004 Ford F-250 F-350 Super Duty

Detroit Axle - SRW 4WD Front & Rear Shock Absorbers Replacement for 1999-2004 Ford F-250 F-350 Super Duty Our Last product is from Detroit axle. It is the Detroit axle SRW 4WD front and rear shock absorber. This might be our last product but it’s not less than any of the products listed above.

All of the products are highly recommended so it depends on your choice only.

Your F-350 suspension will get a boost after you install these shocks. Shocks absorbers are a very crucial part of the vehicle suspension.

The purpose of a shock absorber like Detroit axle SRW is to limit the amount of car body roll while taking turns or moving around rough terrain. This shock absorber will make sure you get the best performance while doing all these.

To maintain a tight seal between the piston and pressure tube, the piston seal adjusts as it wears. This reduces leak routes, resulting in a longer, more consistent shock life.

“Detroit Axle Shock Absorbers” are of the finest quality and provide excellent performance. The shock kit also includes a hydraulic rebound stop to protect the shock and automobile mounting components from impact damage.

Moreover, qualified suspension components assure peak performance throughout the shock absorber’s life. The O-ring applies pressure to the inner tube and makes a tighter seal, making the valve less prone to filth, fatigue, and wear.


  • Easy to install
  • It will fit smoothly on the F-350
  • Great value for the price


  • Could be less expensive


Buying Guide for Ford F350 Shocks

We are here to help you to select the best shocks for you. After you go through all of the five shocks on the list still it can be hard to select one for your F-350. So we have a guide to make you understand the one you need.


The shock you are going to buy must be reliable. If it is not reliable then there is the point of buying the shocks. It will be just a waste of your money.

Your F-350 super duty 4WD is a truck and trucks need to take loads. Not only do these trucks take loads but they are also used for rough driving. Hence the shocks must be reliable enough to handle all this.

So the material of the shocks should be sturdy and durable. Read the reviews very carefully to know every detail of each shock before you buy any.

The overall structure of the shocks and the material is made of steel or aluminum. You should scrutinize everything before you buy. Here, the shocks must be stable, lightweight, and long-lasting if you want to get maximum performance.

Noise Cancellation and Comfort

Comfort should also be a priority. Because, if the shocks are not providing you any comfort then they are not good in quality. Moreover, noise cancellation is also an important factor.

We understand only the shocks are not alone responsible for noise cancellation or comfort in the vehicle. But they have an immense impact on them. So, you should check for these qualities as well.

Pricing & Budget

Pricing is a huge factor. We have listed different types of shocks each with different pricing. This depends on you totally how much you want to spend on the shocks.

But we would suggest investing once in good shocks will eventually save you money in the long term.


Most of the installation process is the same in shocks. But sometimes it varies. If you don’t have anyone to help you install the shocks then we recommend finding shocks with an easy installation process.

If you look for these factors in your shocks for your F-350 super duty 4WD you will definitely find a good one.


Question: Can Good quality Shocks improve the Driving Experience?

Answer: Yes, a better quality shock can improve the driving experience. Shocks are a very important component of the suspension. It will provide you with a smooth ride and enough comfort while driving.

Question: How many times should you replace shocks?

Answer: This totally depends on your driving and what type of terrain you are driving. But high-quality shocks can provide you service of a minimum of 50,000 miles or at least 5 years.

Question: How can you tell if your truck shocks are faulty?

Answer: There can be many symptoms. Like Noise over bumps, the considerable body leans or sway in curves, and the front end of the vehicle dives abruptly while braking hard. It can also cause uneven tire wear and affect steering control.

How to Install Ford F350 Super Duty Diesel Shocks

After you choose any of the above shocks now it’s time for installation. We have also covered this area. Just follow our instructions and get the installation done.

Tools needed

  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Relevant wrench and socket
  • Penetrating Fluid/Oil
  • Lug Wrench
  • Hammer

Step 1: Clean the Shock Mount

First, you have to clean the old installed shock and the mounting area. The mount should be dirty because of many miles of use.

Cleaning will make the installation process easier for you.

Step 2: Remove The Tires by Lifting The Truck

To remove the tires you have to lift the F-350 by using a jack. Then let the truck rest on the jack stand. Do this for each of the tires.

Now remove the tires and get access to the shocks. The shocks should already be clean so you won’t find it hard to work with them.

Step 3: Remove The Previous Install Shock

Now remove the old shocks. Before you try to remove it the connecting bolts might have rust in them. This will make it more difficult to remove. Therefore, you can use penetrating fluid to remove the rust on it.

After that, you might need a hammer to remove the bolts. You should be very careful with the hammer because you don’t want to damage the suspension while removing the old shocks.

Each of the front shocks is secured by two bolts. One at the bottom and one at the top. The purpose of the bolts is to hold the shocks in place.

Then comes the rear shock which is also held by two bolts each. Once the bolts are removed then you can take out the shocks from the suspension.

Step 4: Install the New Shocks

This is the last part, most of the difficult part is done. Now you just have to place the new shocks properly and make sure they are tightly fit.

It is quite easy to install the shocks because most of the shocks above have mounts and factory bolts. But remember one thing: new shocks are difficult to compress.

Therefore you should take precautions when compressing the new shocks for the first time. If you want you can use silicone spray before you slide in the shocks. This will make the installation easier.

First, align the shocks with the mount, give it a pressing then screw the nuts properly. Make sure to tightly screw the nuts. Otherwise, the shocks might get dislocated and cause you an accident.

You can use a thread locker to secure the nuts to stay in place. For a secure fit check the owner’s manual. If the shock has a rubber boot you should lock that too.

Here you go, it’s done.

Final Words

Congratulations we are at the end. We have shown you the Best Shocks for F350 Super Duty Diesel 4×4. Now, it’s your call which one you want to buy after you analyze all of the listed products.


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