Bilstein 5100 Vs 6112 | Detailed Comparison and Review

We understand with all the choices available on the market, it’s really hard to choose which one to buy. You probably want to buy the best shocks for your car. But when looking at all the options it can get really hard.

If you’re looking to buy after-market shocks, Bilstein 5100 and 6112, these two have probably come under your radar. But confused which is the better of the two? Then worry no longer, because we’ll be addressing all of your fears. Now, in a battle of the Bilstein 5100 vs 6112, which is the better shock?

Bilstein 5100 vs 6112

Bilstein 5100 and 6112 are two really good after-market shocks. If you replace your stock suspension with one of these you won’t ever regret it. The Bilstein 5100 is an older model and so has been in use for much longer. It has a special place in the hearts of off-roaders but the 6112 with its performance is winning hearts left and right. Let’s see!

Short Preview

Bilstein sells some of the best after-market premium shocks you can find.

The Bilstein 5100 and 6112 models are two of their most sought-after shocks. So, we understand that you’re looking to learn which the better one is. Unfortunately, you could only install one of the two into the vehicle.

Here’s a table that we’ve created containing the crucial details concerning Bilstein 5100 & 6112.

Shock AbsorberBody SizePiston SizeSprings Inc.Rod Size
BILSTEIN 51001.95”46mmNo14mm
BILSTEIN 61122.65”60mmYes18mm

Between the Bilstein 5100 vs 6112 f150, which one would be better?

If you simply intend to haul a lot of weight and don’t intend to do much off-roading, we recommend the Bilstein 5100.

Nevertheless, if you plan on going off-roading with large machinery in the back, the Bilstein 6112 should be considered. It’s the real Bilstein beast for off-roading and hauling large stuff.

As a result, you undoubtedly want to make an educated decision regarding which one is superior.

Bilstein 5100 vs 6112: What are the Differences?

Now let’s work on the detailed differences.

The Bilstein 5100 shocks ride firmer than the original shocks. When it comes to larger wheels and tires, they are somewhat stronger valved. Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Set

It also includes self-adjusting deflecting disc valving. The Bilstein 5100 has three different height options. It’s designed particularly for raised vehicles. They are ideal for OEM and highway applications.

The gas-charged shock absorber offers stability. Even does so when massive amounts of force are pumped into it.

It’s additionally filled with 360 psi of nitrogen to minimize shock loss. This also prevents the shock fluid from foaming.

It is excellent for rough terrain and large loads due to its stainless structure.

The primary reason is that the damping power is greater than that of twin-tube systems. The design also stiffens the shock, making it more resistant to wear.

However, there’s one downside of the 5100 shocks. They start to suffer in terms of off-road performance when pushed at higher speeds.

We’ve made a list of exemplary fortes about the Bilstein 5100.

  • Monotube design
  • Inexpensive
  • Great built quality and attractive chrome finish,

Unfortunately, one truth of the world is nothing’s perfect and everything has negatives. So, we’ve made a list of the cons of the Bilstein 5100.

  • After 15000 miles or one year of use, performance deteriorates
  • On light trucks, the capability is insufficient

It’s the only logical choice for a shock absorber in raised trucks. If you install it, it will vastly improve your riding experience. If you want the best replacement for OEM rear shocks, the 5100 should be your first choice.

On the other hand, the Bilstein 6112 is the 5100’s newer, larger, and beefier sibling. Bilstein B8 6112 15-17

It’s also significantly beefier than the stock shocks that come with most pickups. The 6112 features five different height options.

The additional height adjustments handle the wide range of equipment configurations. The additional height adjustment is useful for drivers who are installing their vehicles with the 6112.

Digressive valving is used in the shocks. This suggests firmer handling at the beginning of the force range. It results in livelier handling on paved roads.

This is followed by them gaining speed in difficult terrain.

In tough terrain, the 6112 really shines. Off-road traction is improved because of the bigger shock body and specialized valving.

As a result, there is somewhat more steadiness and less juddering and hopping.

This rephrases to better off-road performance. However, you also earn conviction to get out away from the city and travel the unknown.

It really is the ideal shock for off-road enthusiasts. It can be enjoyed on both paved and dirt roads without fear of tear or damage.

Because it has been constructed in such a way that it can resist everything tossed at it.

It doesn’t matter which route you’re on. If you’re going about town or on rougher paved roads, you’ll notice how grounded and balanced the vehicle is.

The Bilstein 6112 deserves all of the credit for the smooth ride.

What about the Bilstein B8 6112 series?

The Bilstein B8 6112 shocks and struts provide maximum control. A great match for automobiles with lowered springs or modified anti-roll bars. You’ll notice that the B8 Series shocks and struts work admirably under extreme situations.

The 5100 will get the job done and ride excellent during your day-to-day activities. It’d still be suitable for overnight adventures on rough terrain.

The beefiness of the 6112 succeeds in everything else and some more. Off-road and off-grid, it offers substantially better dampening capability.

Final Verdict: Which is a Better Shock Absorber?

This is a tough question to answer. We’ve used both and we like both. But we think the newer edition of shocks that is the BILSTEIN 6112 is better.

We feel so because the 6112’s larger size allows better reaction on difficult terrain.

It can also withstand higher weights from the vehicle’s equipment as compared to the 5100. The larger body, piston, and rod diameters all help to improve overall performance.

We recognize that you may be concerned that bigger isn’t necessarily better. However, in the case of the BILSTEIN 6112, bigger is unquestionably better.

Between the two the Bilstein 5100 is the more affordable option. It’s best for people on a budget who are looking to have a little fun on the side.

However, if you can dish out some serious cash then you can buy the 6112 for your vehicle.

Thanks to the beast that’s the 6112, you shouldn’t have many headaches about road conditions.

Final Words

We hope that our article on the Bilstein 5100 vs 6112 has answered all of your questions.

We’ve tried to address all there’s to know about each individual shock and covered their differences. We’ve also answered what makes them great.

This is all for today. But if you feel like we left anything out let us know.

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