Bilstein B4 VS B6 | Differences You Should Know

Bilstein shock absorbers are one of the great ones in the market. If you’ve decided to choose Bilstein, you surely know about their performance. But when it comes between Bilstein B4 and B6, there’s a lot to discover.

In this article, we will talk about all the features head-to-head. So a quick read-through of this article must clear up most of your confusion. We will also tell you about the details of each function. So, you can understand which features are your requirements.

Bilstein B4 VS B6

This article will at first give you a general overview of the two products. And then lead you to a quick comparison and a head-to-head comparison based on different features. Lastly, we will give you a final endorsement based on your preference.

So let’s start!

Bilstein B4 VS B6: General Overview

Before the comparison, let’s try to know about the two types of shock absorbers. And before we start, let us tell you that both are very good shock absorbers.

Bilstein B4

Bilstein (22-045744) B4 Series Shock Absorber
The Bilstein B4 is one of the most popular shocks for upgrading the vehicle suspension. It is often used in rally racing.  Because it is so easy to install and does not require any additional modifications to the car. So, this shock has become one of the best options for family cars, crossover vehicles, and sports cars.

The Bilstein B4 comes in three different variations: Competition, Sport, and Performance. The Competition model will be perfect for normal driving conditions or when drivers are not doing very much off-roading where there are many potholes or rough terrain. Users have a very good Bilstein B4 review.

Bilstein B6

Bilstein B6 4600 Series 2 Front Shocks Kit
Bilstein B6 is a higher-performance shock absorber that is also known as Bilstein B6 Sport. These have been meticulously designed to provide your car a dynamic ride without lowering it. They’re usually monotube high-pressure gas shock absorbers. It indicates a constant performance and a sporty ride.

The Bilstein B6 shock offers more precise handling, increased handling, control, and higher customizability. This shock is often used on vehicles that have been converted for rally racing.

The base kit includes two shocks The kit is designed to be used in normal driving conditions. It includes a gas-pressure mono-tube design that will deliver comfort, a longer lifespan, and flexibility. The Bilstein B6 Basic Kit will be a great option for daily drivers

The composite kit comes with two B6 shocks and two B6 Coilover kits. It is designed to be used on vehicles that are participating in off-road competitions where there are a lot of obstacles to avoid.

The sport kit is often used on brand new vehicles where the suspension has been lowered at least slightly.

Bilstein B4 Vs B6: Quick Comparison

Before you get into the detailed discussion, let us give you a quick insight into them. The following is a chart that will tell you about the features in short-

Feature Bilstein B4 Bilstein B6
Shock Type Fantastic all-rounder Comfortable and energetic
Function Better for family use Better for sporty activities
Build Material High-quality High-quality
Durability Long lasting Long lasting
Installation Comparatively easier Comparatively harder
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

So now that you have gathered some ideas about the two, let’s get into a detailed discussion. Let’s find out the in-depth features and which one is suitable for you.

Bilstein B4 VS B6: Head-To-Head Comparison

The B4 is an OE replacement for the Crosstrek, however, it may be a little enhancement. It’s 10% stiffer than the B6 stock.

The B6 is noticeably stiffer than the factory model. You have to travel much slower over speed bumps. That is if you’re using stock upfront and Rallitek 0.25″ sport springs. It’s because it bounces back too quickly, resulting in a loud “thunk” sound.

You may want to consider upgrading to something more rigid. The B6 could be too much if you’re on standard springs. Well, however, it can’t be said for sure. So let’s find out.

Shock Type

In today’s market, there are many different types of shocks that are available. Each variety has its own characteristics as well as advantages and disadvantages. Gas shocks, air shocks, heavy-duty shocks, and auto adjustable shocks are a few examples.

Both of the stocks mentioned above are OE-quality gas shocks. Because of its functionality and compatibility, this form of the jumper is commonly seen in modern automobiles. Both of these shocks are for automobiles that are small or medium in size.

Bilstein B4

The Bilstein B4 shocks are fantastic all-rounders, especially for everyday driving. Because it has a reduced production cost and adheres to OE specifications. Both are built to last for a long time. Think of the red Toyota Hilux top gear that once tried to demolish Bilstein shocks.

Bilstein B6

The Bilstein B6 shocks are a comfortable and energetic option. They don’t necessitate lowering the suspension. In adverse road conditions and on twisting routes, the Bilstein B6’s better tracking stability and excellent handling pay off. They’re especially beneficial for cars that are substantially loaded or towing a trailer.


So if you want to get better performance in everyday driving, B4 should be your choice. Again, B6 is very energetic. It will also give you better performance in adverse road conditions. So you should choose which one is your preference.


Your vehicle’s shocks serve as a defensive mechanism. While driving, it absorbs hits and dampens vibrations. Roads aren’t always easy to navigate. There will undoubtedly be some ups and downs along the way. Shocks keep the vehicle in contact with the road.bilstein b6 shocks

To get this kind of performance, use a shock that comes with self-lubricating fluid that can resist any conditions. And, fortunately for you, both of these shocks have this feature. In regular usage, the B4 shock performs the best. And B6 is specifically designed for sporty activities.

Bilstein B4

The gas-pressure shock absorber Bilstein B4 ensures optimal safety. High power reserves and steady dampening force under all loads. In this instance, strong traction and precision handling are also beneficial. All of the features of a normal electronic damper control are likewise supported by the Bilstein B4.

Bilstein B6

The overall driving performance of the car is improved by switching to mono-tube gas pressure shock absorbers like the Bilstein B6. It also delivers more dampening force. As a result, driving becomes safer and more enjoyable. This is true even when the weight is substantial. Such as with towering superstructures, gas units, or trailers.


Based on the function we can say that both are high-performance shocks. But the only thing that makes one preferable to the other is your intention of use. If you’re going to use your vehicle for family purposes, B4 is your choice. And for adventure and sport, B6 will give you better service.

Build Material

You may obtain a notion of the shocks’ job load by reading the function section. Obviously, the magnificent building material is required to function under such extreme conditions. In terms of material, steel remains the most popular option.

The makers then apply a chrome or zinc finish to it. In regards to this product, you should never settle for second best.

Bilstein B4

Bilstein B4 dampers are a step up from OE dampers. They are generally made of steel. And they are often coated with zinc. They are filled with nitrogen. Its long-lasting design is solely dependent on these materials.

Bilstein B6

Bilstein B6 Performance dampers are a step up from OE dampers in terms of performance. They’re meant to be used in conjunction with the factory springs. With the installation of these dampers, all of the active functions of the factory electronic suspension will be preserved. The factory controls will also be retained.


Both Bilstein shocks have pressurized gas on the inside and the finest steel available on the exterior. Bilstein has earned the trust of consumers as a reliable product provider.

The shock absorber oil is kept at constant pressure thanks to the nitrogen. As a result, even when loaded, foaming is avoided.

So we can’t say that there’s one winner here. Any Bilstein shock absorbers will give you the best comfortability.


To begin with, shocks do not have a specific lifespan. They are more dependent on how you use your vehicle and how you drive. For example – to be able to operate for a lengthy period of time, the shock must be well-built. Also, materials that are long-lasting, such as pistons and shafts.bilstein b4 shocks

Bilstein B4

If you live around a place with good roads, B4 shocks should last pretty long. Or around 50,000 miles. But if you’re driving through rough roads, it might reduce the lifespan.

Bilstein B6

The lifespan of Bilstein B6 is almost the same as that of Bilstein B4. But, since B6 is designed for sporty activities, it can handle more rough rides. So if you’re a fun rider, or you want to explore your vehicle’s limits, B6 is your go-to.


Bilstein shocks are designed to endure for 50,000 miles on average. Both B4 and B6 are completely trustworthy. They can live longer than their average lifespan if driven carefully.

Shocks, on the other hand, must be monitored at regular intervals. You may examine them for yourself. In this manner, you may enjoy long-lasting shocks without compromising on safety.


The shocks are installed differently depending on how your car is put together. Shocks are simple to replace and just take a few minutes.

Many car owners prefer to undertake their own maintenance in order to save a visit to the technician. As a result, it is preferable to choose a ready-to-use shock. Because you’ll need to be a skilled mechanic if you select a shock that requires modification.

Bilstein B4

According to customers, B4 is very easy to install. And if compared to B6, they are easier to install. You can set them up without the assistance of any mechanic. This will save you a little cost too.

Bilstein B6

The installation process of Bilstein B4 is comparatively easier doesn’t mean that B6 installation is hard. B6 shocks also don’t need much time to install. And you might not require a professional to do it as well.


Both of the shocks are simple to install. You don’t need to hire a professional. And you don’t require precise instructions, mounting kits, or anything else. As a result, selecting them is likely to save you time. And provide you with excellent service over time.


Shocks are available for purchase in different classes. They start at $20 and run all the way up to $500. As a result, it is preferable to plan your budget ahead of time. Two of the shocks we chose today are excellent and cost a little over a hundred dollars. There isn’t much of a pricing difference between them.

The above factors are the main points to show the differences between B4 and B6. In the next segment, we’ll get a final overview.

Bilstein B4 VS B6: Final Verdict

So, we can say that both Bilstein B4 vs B6 ride quality are high-performance shock absorbers. The B4 is a good all-rounder. It is great for family use. Whereas the B6 is great for sporty activities. They have the capacity to absorb rough driving and give you a smooth experience.

The Bilstein shock absorber’s increasing rate valving offers the required damping to respond faster to road conditions. And that too without losing ride comfort. The tires stay in constant touch with the road. Thanks to a mix of valving and high-pressure nitrogen gas. This improves control, which helps to assure safety.

Summing Up

Congrats! You’ve finished the in-depth comparison between Bilstein B4 VS B6. Now it should be clear to you which one you want to pick.

One more piece of advice. Before doing any maintenance, make sure the air suspension modules are in good working order. Check their compatibility with the car, as well as the minimum storage date.

All the best!

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